The Return of the Orangery

notaro-window-orangery-somerset We’re always being asked about the key differences between a conservatory and an orangery. Whilst the variations between the two are widely unknown, knowing whether you want an orangery or conservatory can be crucial in creating your ideal home.

Having originally been used across Europe to shelter lime and orange trees during the winter – hence the name ‘orangery’- it wasn’t until the 17th century that Britain adopted the orangery as a fashionable addition to a residential home.

Today, there are more and more requests for orangeries, including orangeries in Somerset from Notaro Windows, as people begin to see their advantages, and below are just a few of these numerous benefits.

Integration with your home

Conservatories can provide effective and versatile extensions to your home and can be quickly formed and adapted to suit your property. Orangeries differ in that they can have a stronger foundation that can better blend into the existing structure of your home. The base of an orangery is usually made of brick, making it similar to a traditional housing extension.

Sturdy and robust

The thicker foundations of an orangery mean it can be seen as a longer-term option because of a higher level of durability and resistance to weather. Orangeries can therefore be larger in size than typical conservatories that use uPCV or glass as their main structural basis.

OrangeriesMaintains your home’s privacy

Orangeries may also be preferred for their privacy. Where a conservatory may be used as a sun-rich lounge or relaxation room, orangeries can be utilised as kitchens or dining rooms due to their higher walls. Orangeries do still maintain great levels of light with large windows and a glass roof just like conservatories.

Integrated environment

Because it is similarly built to the rest of your home, an orangery maintains its heat and environment much the same. It will therefore share the same atmosphere as the rest of the house and maintain the temperature.

Allowance for customisation

Conservatories can be limited in that lights, appliances and other electrics cannot be integrated easily. The broad walls of an orangery allow for greater customisation and consequently a greater feel of luxury.

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