Double Glazed WindowsEnergy efficient double glazing in Bridgwater is the perfect solution if want to keep the heat in during the winter months. Double glazing is energy efficient because the two panes of glass further traps the existing heat within the room leading to less draught and cold spots. Therefore energy bills become smaller, your carbon footprint decreases and your home is also insulated against outdoor noise, so if you live on a busy street double glazing is ideal for a quieter home.

Double glazed windows have two layers of glass with an average gap of 16mm between them that creates an insulating barrier to retain heat. Notaro Windows are the leaders for double glazing in Bridgwater due to the outstanding quality of our double glazing and double glazed windows and high standards of customer service. All of our double glazing comes with a 15 year guarantee and we were awarded the BBA certificate due to our exceptional service and quality of materials used in manufacture, so you can trust us for your double glazing in Bridgwater.

Notaro Windows use only high quality uPVC or aluminium materials in all products and we have a wide range of window types to fit the double glazing from casement windows, aluminium windows, timber windows and more. Our skilled in house team will advise the best windows for you based on the period and/or aesthetics of your home so that they remain true to the feel of your home. Once decided, a made to measure bespoke design is manufactured in our Somerset factory with only the highest quality materials.

If you’d like to learn more about how double glazing in Bridgwater can transform your home, please call 01278 662298 or email us.

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