Why You Need a UPVC Conservatory

UPVC or unplasticised polyvinyl chloride is the most common material used in the UK for conservatories and in around 50% of the world’s construction industries. Notaro Windows creates stunning UPVC Conservatories in Somerset and has a love for the countless benefits it brings people.


notaro-windows-conservatoriesUPVC is a plastic that hasn’t been softened with chemicals and used for windows, doors and conservatories due to its hardwearing properties and easy upkeep, as well as being cheaper to install than aluminum and hardwood. When the frames are created, additives and stabilisers are added to improve durability and improve resistance against weather. UPVC does not rust, warp or corrode and will last for years with minimal maintenance.You can be assured that your Notaro Windows conservatory design will withstand any Somerset weather conditionsYou can be assured that your Notaro Windows conservatory design will withstand any weather conditions Somerset may bring.

Functional and Modern

notaro-windows-conservatoriesUPVC Conservatories are affordable, can be adapted to fit any style and look great as an addition to any home. A great bespoke space, they’re a perfect alternative to extensions as there’s no compromise on space and usability but come without the large price tag. If you have the outside space, conservatories make great lounges and UPVC is energy efficient, keeping heating costs down. If your house doesn’t bring much light in, then a conservatory provides a suntrap without the heat and the perfect space to relax inside without feeling like you need to get outside more.

UPVC conservatories in Somerset are a worthwhile investment as they’ll add value to your home and is also classed as a permitted development, meaning that provided it meets certain criteria you shouldn’t need planning permission.

If you live in Somerset and are thinking about having a UPVC conservatory installed, call Notaro Windows, a conservatories company in Somerset, to find out how we can design to fit your needs on 01278 662298.