4 Benefits of Granite Driveways



With the help of granite driveways, you can easily add character to your home without compromising on style, safety and practicality.

Granite is a naturally occurring stone and can create both a luxurious and contemporary feel to a range of applications. Opting for a granite driveway is a great solution for enhancing your home’s natural surroundings whilst still incorporating a range of useful benefits. Whether you are aiming for a modern or traditional look, here’s 4 benefits of choosing a granite driveway for your new project.

Aesthetically pleasing

The unique colouring of granite comes from its natural formation, meaning it can appear more vibrant and distinctive when compared to other materials like concrete. With the different tones and patterns on granite, you can make your driveway individual to you and your home. Granite offers an ethereal appearance that is sure to add elegance and functionality to any outdoor space. For driveways in Somerset, Notaro Windows use quality products with a range of paving designs when you want to improve or revamp your driveway.

Durable and tough

One of the most beneficial features of incorporating granite paving in driveways is the sturdiness of the material. Granite is celebrated for its long-lasting and durable properties which makes it incredibly tough against scratches, stains and wear and tear. The way the natural stone is formed means it is able to handle harsher weather conditions, and it’s even slip-resistant too.

Its natural anti-skid properties means your granite driveway will be safe to walk on even when it is wet. Granite driveways are perfect for children, pets or anyone with a busy driveway that may want a strong material for heavy vehicles or lots of foot traffic. Granite is also non-combustible, which is ideal for those that have outdoor barbecues, and it is heat-resistant so you can enjoy spending time outside in summer without your driveway getting too hot to walk on.

Easy to maintain

As well as looking great, granite is extremely low maintenance and will look and feel as good as new for years. Its ability to withstand all kinds of weather conditions means that not only will it survive the rain, but it will even get cleaned by it. If you want it to look spotless, the sleek surface of granite allows your driveway to be cleaned with a simple wet brush or pressure wash. Since granite paving has smaller joints compared to other materials, you can reduce the number of weeds growing and keep your driveway in Somerset looking fresh all year long with little work.


If the luxurious look or maintainability of granite hasn’t convinced you yet, you can save time and money even in the long run when investing in granite paving in Somerset. As a safe and long-lasting improvement to your home, its manageable properties means that you won’t need to repair or replace segments of your patio regularly. Granite is not only great for adding a natural flair to your home, and with a range of colours to choose from too, the sheer durability means you will no longer have to worry about the time and cost of maintaining your driveway. Its appealing and sophisticated look could even add value to your home!

Choose Notaro Windows as your driveway pavers in Somerset to get the best results for your dream home improvement project. With 50 years’ worth of experience in the industry, our paving process includes full preparation and implementation with a range of materials, designs and finishes to choose from. Contact us today for paving in Somerset by calling us on 01278 662 298.