4 Things A Stable Door Will Bring To Your Home




When deciding on a new composite external door, you may assume that you have to compromise on security or weatherproofing to get a style that’s in keeping with your home. At Notaro Windows, we make sure that all our doors are built to suit our customers, including our uPVC stable doors. Stable doors are a great way to connect with your outdoor space, creating flow in your home, as well as maintaining a traditional farm aesthetic. These aren’t the only positives; we’ve got plenty of reasons why you should consider a uPVC stable door in your home.

Connection with Nature

One of the biggest benefits of a uPVC stable door is that you can enjoy the outdoors and continue with tasks inside the home. The top half opening gives you more light and fresh air than an open window whilst offering a full view out to your garden. In recent times, ventilation has been crucial to day-to-day life so the flexibility of stable doors in comparison to other composite external doors makes this a bit easier.

Weather Proof

You wouldn’t expect a door that splits in half to provide much weather proofing, but uPVC stable doors are as durable as you would expect from any other door. At Notaro Windows, we use weather-stripping on all of our doors, so that the rain won’t get into your home. We have been crafting composite stable doors for over 50 years and we are happy to discuss your needs.


We install secure locking systems on all of our doors, so you can always be reassured that your home is protected. Stable doors don’t have to compromise on security just for the style, which is why we make an extra effort to give you peace of mind when we design and install your stable doors in Somerset. We can apply this to front doors and back doors into your garden, so you can match the aesthetic of your home and still feel safe.

Another thing you may not have considered is that uPVC stable doors protect your family and pets too. You can keep your home well ventilated without the worry of your small child or pet running outside without supervision, or even keep a better eye on them when they are exploring.

Traditional Aesthetic

Stable doors are a brilliant way to elevate your farmhouse or cottage, they maintain the traditional feel of the home but can also provide the security and weatherproofing you require. They are also extremely versatile, your composite or uPVC stable door can be built in any colour or design, whether that is timber-effect or a modern black. Just because they have a traditional build doesn’t mean you can’t modernise your stable door, you can also choose window size and shape as well as colour.

Notaro Windows have installed composite stable doors in Somerset for many years and has lots of experience at bringing a customer’s vision to life! Get in contact to get a quote today or call us now on 01278 662298 to speak to one of our specialists.