5 Benefits Of Adding A uPVC Porch To Your House

Adding a porch to your home is great for both the aesthetic and practicality. A uPVC porch is effectively a sheltered entranceway at the front of a house and provides a range of benefits, including great protection from the elements. The team at Notaro Windows have over 50 years of experience designing and installing front porches in Somerset. Read on to discover some of the main reasons for installing a uPVC porch in your home.

1) Adding natural light

All the installations of porches in Somerset that we do use high-quality double glazed, glass panels. Incorporating glass into a uPVC porch is a fantastic way to allow natural light to flow through your house. The additional natural light let in by uPVC porches creates a warmer and more inviting entranceway, perfect for taking off your shoes in. Our uPVC front porches in Somerset are fantastic when combined with a uPVC door with glass panels as it will allow even more natural light to enter your home.

2) Improved security

One of the most important considerations for any external element on the outside of a house is security. Adding a uPVC porch to the front of a house effectively doubles the security by adding an extra door. An extra level of security is probably enough to deter unwanted visitors and burglars. All our front porches in Somerset come with uPVC doors and robust locking systems. Another advantage of a porch is that you can easily see who is at the door before letting someone in.

3) Easier organisation

A uPVC porch has several practical benefits when it comes to organisation and storage. Entranceways can easily become cluttered with shoes, coats, and bags so having somewhere to store all of this is important. Our front porches in Somerset are custom built around your requirements. Every uPVC porch can easily accommodate enough space to store personal belongings. Adding a porch to your home also encourages people to take off their shoes before entering, keeping your home free from dirt and mess.

4) Stylish aesthetic

Without a doubt, one of the main benefits of our uPVC front porches in Somerset is the stylish aesthetic they bring to the front of a house. A well-built porch adds another visual element to the outside of your home. It is important to choose the right materials and style to complement the aesthetic of the building. Improving the design of your home adds value to the property which is useful if you ever decide to move. At Notaro Windows, we are happy to discuss the design and build of your porch in Somerset, so that you get exactly what you want.

5) Energy efficiency

Another key benefit of a uPVC porch is its fantastic energy efficiency. In the winter months, lots of warm air escapes even if you leave the front door open for a few seconds. Older houses or front doors in particular will benefit from adding a uPVC porch. Our uPVC windows have fantastic energy efficiency meaning they stay warm in winter and cool in summer.

If you are looking for a uPVC front porch in Somerset, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at Notaro Windows. Our expert team have over 50 years of experience installing front porches in Somerset. To speak to one of our team, give us a call on 01278 662298 or fill out our contact form