5 Reasons To Consider An Orangery As Your Next Home Project

Interior of a bespoke orangery in Somerset with wide patio doors leading to a garden. There is a dining table, and kitchen island in the foreground and two large skylights and ceiling spotlights.


When it comes to thinking about your next big home project, it’s important to take lots of different factors into account. Budget, space, time constraints, and future goals are all things to keep in mind when planning something new for your property. Many believe that the only way to successfully extend your property is by having an official extension or building a conservatory, but these are not the only options. Having a bespoke orangery is a fantastic option for creating more space, light, and value for your home. Below, we’ll discuss some of the main reasons to consider a uPVC orangery for your home project.

Despite orangery extensions being a cost-effective and attractive way to extend a property, they are not as well-known as conservatories. Take a look at our dedicated orangeries page to discover the difference between conservatories and orangeries.

Increased Value for Your Home

As with any quality extension, by creating more living space in your home you’re increasing its value. Should you decide to sell in the next few years, having a good quality uPVC orangery will show buyers that you’ve loved and cared for the home.

Property experts suggest that orangeries can add as much as 11% to the value of a home, so it’s well worth thinking about if you have the budget.

Planning Permission

As orangeries could be considered to be a halfway stop between conservatories and extensions, they require the same level of planning permissions as other single-storey extensions.

If an orangery extension is built within permitted development rights and guidelines, you may not need planning permission to build. When planning permission is not required on a home project, it makes for a much quicker installation.

However, with Notaro Windows, if planning permission is required (and we will always check), we will take care of acquiring it and any building restrictions, so you don’t have to worry.

More Space and Light

As with any type of extension, one of the main benefits of having an orangery is the simple pleasure of having more living space in your home. With more space for storage, this will make other rooms in the house feel bigger and less cluttered too. Orangery extensions, like conservatories, also tend to have larger window spaces and areas for natural light to come in.

They Can be Used Year-Round

A common question we see is homeowners wondering whether the increase of natural light and window space in uPVC orangeries and conservatories will affect the internal temperature of the builds.

Our customers are often glad to know that with modern double-glazing technology, glare from natural light can be reduced, and therefore the orangery will not be too hot during sunny periods.

Orangeries also often use more brickwork and are slightly more substantial than a conservatory, so are more likely to retain heat in the winter. Both of these factors mean that an orangery can be freely used all year round.

They are Highly Customisable

No two orangeries are the same. Made to your preferred shape and size, and using your preferred materials, our bespoke orangeries are a way to have your vision made a reality.

If you’re looking for a home improvement project to take on in 2023, having a bespoke orangery by Notaro Windows is a great way to increase the value of your home. They are also a cost-effective alternative to moving while property prices are still high. We are leading window and door specialists with experience in designing and building bespoke uPVC orangeries in Somerset.

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