5 Ways To Make Your Front Door Stand Out


The front door is the first impression that guests will have before entering your home, so why not make your door stand out? There are plenty of ways to update your front door to improve the way it looks and safeguard your home.

Notaro Windows are specialists when it comes to recommending and implementing the best solutions in Somerset for windows and doors. Here are our five ways to make your front door stand out to have the best-looking door on the street:

1.   Get a new front door

There are times when a few extra coats of paint just won’t do. No matter what you try, your front door seems to still look as bleak as it did before the fresh coats of paint. This is usually when there’s been long-term weathering and a lack of maintenance. If your front door is looking tired, it’s time to replace and upgrade to a modern front door design.

Not only can replacing your front door make it stand out from your neighbours, but this also brings in the chance to upgrade to a stronger door to safeguard your home. At Notaro Windows, we provide a range of front doors in somerset, so that you can find the right fit for your home. For front doors, we recommend investing in either UPVC doors for long-lasting next-to-no maintenance finishes, composite doors for extra strength and security, stable doors for a specific country-style aesthetic, or French doors for easy maintenance and durability.

Take a look at our blog to find out the best front door material.

2.   Apply fresh coats of paint

For those looking for a quick method of refreshing a front door, simply applying a couple of coats of new paint will likely do the trick. Sometimes, all that is missing from your front door is some TLC. Painting your front door will freshen up its overall look and make it look brand new at a low cost. A couple of coats can transform a drab front door into a modern front door design!

To freshen up your front door, opt for a vibrant colour that can be noticed easily against the surrounding colours of your house. This could be any bright colour of your choice, after all, it is your home and the colour scheme are completely down to you.

3.   Revamp with new glass

Replacing the glass in your front door is another way to improve the way it looks. Notaro Windows have a wide range of glass options suitable for front doors and can offer specialist advice on which option is best for you.

Modern front door designs often have glass which is frosted or tinted. This style still allows natural light through the door, at the same time as giving you privacy. Alternatively, stained glass or patterned windows are also great front door décor ideas that speak for themselves. With the chance to incorporate striking colours, the focus will be directly on the windows and will mean you won’t have much else to do other than an occasional paint top-up.

4.   Change your door handle

Sometimes, it might not be the door itself that needs a revamp. When the door handle has not been changed in a long time, the wearing condition can be quite easy to notice, and distract from the charm of your front door. If you have a modern front door design, having an old, tattered door handle doesn’t match up in style. Updating your front door handle will add an extra level of detail and keep consistency in the quality. Door handles are not only fairly cheap but also easy to replace, meaning it can be done with no hassle.

Need assistance with where to buy a new door handle? Notaro Windows can point you in the right direction!

5.   Spice it up with some new decorative elements

There is a multitude of options to explore when adding decorative elements to your modern front door design. Notaro Windows have worked on countless front doors in Somerset and have seen a range of inspiring front door designs. Here are our top recommendations for front door décor ideas that will spruce up any door:

  • Flower/plant pot arrangements: If you decided to keep your door a neutral colour, but are looking for other front door décor ideas, using plants and flowers as decorative elements will meet your design needs. Incorporating flowers, plant pot arrangements, or hanging pots will not only give your front door a homely feel but also an eye-catching boost of colour.
  • Seasonal Touches: Come Easter, Christmas, or Halloween, no matter what the occasion or season is, there are plenty of decorative touches you can add. Wreaths can be added to your front door for the winter or spring seasons, just to give it that extra little touch.
  • New house numbers: Changing your house numbers can be an easy DIY task to make your front door stand out. Simply ensure that the size of the numbers is at least 4-5 inches tall to be visible from the street.
  • Outdoor Lighting: This will showcase your door at night and bring the warmth of the colour of your door during the daytime to the evening.
  • A new doormat: Another affordable decorative element to consider when looking to have a modern front door design


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