6 Most Popular Window Dressing Trends In 2021

Have you recently installed some shiny new PVCu casement windows or upgraded your PVCu windows with a contemporary aluminium frame? Perhaps you’ve transformed your Georgian style sash windows in Somerset with PVCu or aluminium and are looking to couple your new windows with a stylish window dressing?

Whatever your window style, choosing a fabric and curtain style to dress your new windows with can take quite a bit of research and planning. There is a lot to consider including colour and pattern, whether to go for curtains or blinds. Your window dressing should be eye-catching but also compliment the aesthetic of your room and new window frames.

As a window company based in Somerset, we know how important it is to dress your new windows in the right way. Read on to find out about some of the latest window dressing trends to make the most out of your new double glazed windows.

Eyelet or pencil pleat curtains?

Before you decide what material you are going to use, you need to choose which style curtain you want. There are two main styles, eyelet and pencil pleat. The main difference is how they are hung to the curtain pole.

Eyelet curtains are hung using metal rings that attach to the curtains. When open this creates a deep and even fold on either side of your window that looks great in any contemporary room aesthetic.

Pencil pleat is a bit more of a discreet look as these curtains use small hooks on the back of the curtain to attach to the curtain pole. Ultimately it comes down to personal choice, both will look great with double glazed sash windows.

Earthy or natural tones

Earthy tones and natural are one of the most popular trends of curtain or blind colour. Off whites, creams and light greys are suitable for almost any room, and they will compliment your frames whether they are wooden, aluminium or PVCu windows. Plus, if you have a more striking wall colour, natural tones will subtly match to give your room a balanced aesthetic.

Earthy tones on the other hand, such as pale, dusty pinks and rusty, terracotta colours, add a warm, soothing and comforting feel and are proving to be more popular than ever.


Nature-inspired curtains or blinds is one of the more popular window dressing trends in 2021, in both interior design and beyond! If you are someone who has plants dotted throughout your house, then luscious green plant patterns and leafy prints are a nice compliment. Even if you don’t, having nature-inspired prints by your sash windows is a nice way of blending the interior and exterior of your house.

Exotic prints

Much like the natural print pattern, exotic patterns such as animals prints and stripes are becoming very fashionable window dressings. They can become a centrepiece of a bedroom or kitchen and create a unique look to go with some new double glazed windows.

Statement colours

Bold colours on curtains and blinds are becoming a popular way to accent rooms. Choosing a bright statement colour such as vibrant teal or bright yellow can dramatically transform a space. This can work great when paired with some double glazed patio windows to create a striking open plan living space.

Country cottage

Adding a country aesthetic to your room using a natural or floral window dressing can transform a room. This works well when paired with wooden sash or Georgian windows in Somerset and can create a cosy and welcoming vibe in dining rooms and kitchens.

Now you have some ideas of the best ways to dress your windows in 2021, it’s time to make sure your windows and frames are just as good. If you are looking to upgrade your outdated single glazed windows, contact Notaro Windows Ltd. We are specialist manufacturers and fitters of PVCu sash or casement double glazed windows with over 55 years of experience. Get a quote today from a trusted and reputable windows company in Somerset.