A Guide To Replacing Single Glazing With Double Glazing

Have you ever wondered how double glazing, such as double glazed PVCu windows or aluminium windows, could improve you home? Or what the main drawbacks of singe glazing are?

When looking for new PVCu windows, you may be thinking about whether it’s easy to replace single glazing with double glazing and if there are substantial benefits of doing so. There is also the question of installing double glazing in listed buildings and if a window needs to be bespoke. If you’re looking for new windows in Somerset, continue reading to have these questions answered!

Why can’t I stick with my single glazing?

Although single glazing can look appealing to the eye, it can be problematic. Firstly, single glazed windows are easily shattered whether that be accidental or intentional, and this can cost you both money and reduced safety.

Single glazing also offers close to no insulation and regulation of your home’s temperature, potentially leading to freezing cold winters and overly sweaty summers. Another drawback is that single glazing doesn’t insulate your house from sound like double glazed PVCu windows do, so noisy traffic, neighbours, or music can easily penetrate your home and cause unnecessary annoyance.

As a specialist windows company in Somerset we install all manner of double glazed windows. If you want to keep the personality and charm of your wooden windows, we offer a variety of options including PVCu sash windows and wood effect PVCu windows, designed to maintain the character of your home.

benefits of replacing single glazing with double glazing

Replacing your old windows with double glazing has a multitude of benefits. They can save money and increase the value of your home, improve insulation, reduce noise pollution and provide improved security. In addition, PVCu windows are available in a variety of colours and finishes to fit your home, and aluminium windows are environmentally friendly and fully recyclable.

If you’re worried about the practical aspect of replacing your single glazed windows, you needn’t be. Notaro Windows is a trustworthy, experienced windows company based in Somerset that provides an easy and hassle free process and can offer guarantees, meaning your home is in capable hands.

Double glazing for listed buildings

One thing to be mindful of if you are looking to replace your single glazing with double glazed windows, is whether your home is a listed building. In this case, you must take the appropriate steps to having your glazing upgraded and ensure that you have approved windows, so you don’t break the law or spoil the character of the building.

Although this can take more time, a good way to go can be PVCu sash windows, which can be bespoke designed to your taste and mimic a Victorian design, or wood effect PVCu windows which have a more traditional feel. These boast the benefits of modern double glazing whilst fitting the classic style of your listed building.

So, double glazing is as easy as that, and is well worth the time and upfront costs of replacing outdated single glazing. If you are looking for double glazed windows in Somerset, look no further than Notaro Windows Ltd – specialist manufacturers and fitters of double glazed windows, doors, conservatories, sun rooms, and more. We are the trusted windows company in Somerset with over 55 years of experience, so request a quote today for your new double glazed windows.