Conservatories in Somerset Aren’t Just for Summer

Conservatories are often paired with the words ‘sunroom’ or ‘summer house’, but there’s no reason to limit the extra space to good weather. With homes becoming increasingly smaller, utilising every room to its full potential can mean the difference between a house and a home. Discover some of the alternate uses your conservatory in Somerset can have with this guide.

conservatory somerset kitchen

An Airy Kitchen

With a fresh flow of clean air and plenty of natural light, the conservatory can make for a beautiful kitchen that’s a pleasure to cook in. A well-crafted kitchen conservatory will become the core of a home that brings people together over food and drink – even more so if the backdrop to your new kitchen conservatory in Somerset is your garden, connected with French doors!

A glass roof overlooking the centre of the kitchen, whether a centralised kitchen counter or dining table, can make a powerful statement in a conservatory kitchen. Installing skylights that open will help with condensation and keep your kitchen fresh and airy.

conservatories somerset office notaro windows

An Inspirational Office

A Somerset conservatory’s open feel and closeness to the outdoors allow for an inspirational workplace. With room to think and space to ponder, the conservatory is often positioned away from busy hallways and noisy bedrooms, creating an ideal bubble for focused work.

Minimalist interior furniture, such as a thin table and chair will leave your office conservatory de-cluttered. A small lamp to counter the short winter days and blinds to block the summer sunlight are recommended to allow for working all year round, considering a conservatory’s use of glass sides and roofing.

conservatories somerset playroom notaro windows

A Playroom for the Little Ones

With plenty of light illuminating the floors, a conservatory turned into a playroom creates a great environment for the kids. A designated playroom keeps the yellow crayons and mini race cars in a contained space that will quickly become a realm for your child’s imagination.

Lining the side of the room with sofas, lowered work desks or bookcases will stop any run-ins with glass for a younger child. Heat retaining glass is recommended to keep the play room toasty for the little ones all year round.

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