Conservatory Vs. Extension: Which Should You Choose?

If you’re weighing up the advantages and disadvantages of a conservatory versus an extension, the time is right to extend your home. You might be looking for a place you entertain guests, more space for your growing family or simply somewhere you can relax and unwind.

Whatever your motivation, it’s important that you have the right information before investing in a conservatory or extension. Notaro Windows builds custom-made uPVC conservatories in Somerset and we’ve written this article to delve into the pros and cons of conservatories to help you make an informed decision based on your needs and budget.

The pros of a conservatory

Light, airy and brings the outdoors in

Unlike many brick-built extensions, conservatories are designed to be light and airy with large windows that give you an uncompromised view of your garden. Conservatories are a great addition to any home and come into their own during warmer months and with the right heating, blinds and ventilation you can make it a year-round space. They are a simple and effective way of improving and extending your existing space while connecting your home to your garden.

Used for several different purposes

As extensions of your home, conservatories can be used in a variety of ways. From a home office come dining room to a playroom or living space, a conservatory provides the perfect all-around solution for those who simply need an extra room for living in or a separate place for entertaining friends. Notaro Windows are experts in conservatory design in Somerset and can design and build conservatories to your desired specifications. That means the size and shape can be custom built to suit you and your home.

Very little disruption during build

Due to factors such as plumbing, heating and gas, building brick extensions means a lot of disruption to your home during the construction process. Conservatories do not require the same level of construction so are not as disruptive as extensions are.

As a specialist conservatories company based in Somerset we are often contacted about the level of disruption building a conservatory may have on homelife. When it comes to building your new conservatory, we simply assemble the structure on the exterior of your home and, unless the design requires it, we usually plan conservatories around existing entrances/exits.

Cost-effective and cost-saving

Although conservatory prices vary depending on size, design and materials used, they are generally cheaper than a brick extension. And if you’re looking for a large space, you can achieve a stunning effect with a conservatory for a fraction of the price, particularly with the modern materials that are available such as aluminium windows or coloured uVPC windows. There is also no costly planning permission needed for conservatories. That being said, there are guidelines and building regulations that should always be followed with any structure.

The cons of a conservatory

Can be harder to heat

Not all conservatories have the best heat retention and some styles can be harder and more expensive to heat than a traditional brick extension. That means that most conservatories need the right heating and ventilation for consistent temperature control. Polycarbonate roofs, for example, let more heat escape than a tiled, glass or hybrid roof. uPVC conservatories are the most popular conservatories nowadays due to their increased efficiency and durability. Find out more about uPVC conservatories.

Limited by a single-story space

Conservatories are built to be single-story and simply provide an extra room with doors into the space. That means they are less flexible if you want to create an extended open plan living space or need a second story. If you are looking to extend upwards in the future but require a single-story space in the meantime, we’d usually advise against building a conservatory as a stop-gap unless it is a long-term solution.

Overall, the pros far outweigh the cons when it comes to considering a conservatory, however that doesn’t mean that a conservatory is for you. If you’re still uncertain about what direction to go in, Notaro Windows are an established conservatories company in Somerset and can help advise you.

Contact us today on 01278 662298 or fill out our online form to discuss your options. All our uPVC conservatories come with a 10 year guarantee and all our glasswork and glazing is covered by a 20 year guarantee.