Is double-glazing really energy efficient?

Most people have heard of double-glazing, and many will have it in their homes. But is it as energy efficient as we believe? There is often talk about how double-glazed windows in Somerset is not cost-effective or energy efficient, however that simply isn’t true.

Double-glazing-notaro-windowsHow double-glazing saves energy

Double-glazed windows and double-glazed doors are crucial as they are two key points where heat escapes from a house (the other main one being the roof). Double-glazing effectively works by trapping a layer of air between two panes of glass.

Glass is a very good conductor of heat, and therefore a standard pane of glass does not insulate very well. Double-glazing in Somerset benefits houses three-fold. It improves insulation, lowers energy bills and improves security because of an extra pane of glass.

Double-glazing now saves even more energy for homes, due to the most energy efficient glass – low emissivity (or Low-E) glass. This glass is coated with an invisible layer of metal oxide which lets light through but cuts down the heat loss. Higher quality double-glazing is also installed with an inert gas between the two window panes. The inert gas has a greater density than air, meaning it reduces heat loss even further.

Lifetime of double-glazingdouble-glazing-notaro-windows-2

Depending on the quality of glass and installation, double-glazed windows in Somerset can last anywhere between 10-25 years, normally at an average of 20. The gas between the glass panes eventually escapes, and the heat reduction capabilities deteriorate.

Double-glazing in Somerset greatly benefits your household energy consumption and ability to save. It is a justified and cost-effective long-term investment.

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