The Most Famous Front Doors in TV & Films

As a company who produces and installs PVC, composite front doors & more in Somerset, we know that a front door can give a home so much character without even realising it. You might walk down the same street and admire a certain colourful or quirky front door every day.

Striking front doors stick with us, with some of the most iconic and memorable front doors being in TV and films. Our team at our front doors company in Somerset have hand-picked some of the most famous front doors in TV and films. Let us know how many you recognise!

Friends – Monica’s Purple Front Door


Image Source – Hooked on Houses


The vibrant purple front door was a key plot device in the ten seasons of the much-loved series Friends, with many dramatic and funny story lines revolving around it. This famous front door was actually painted the daring shade of purple to grab the attention of the channel changers. Many people wonder why there is an empty frame hung on the door. Initially this frame held a mirror however when it accidentally smashed on set one day, no one ever bothered to replace it!

Harry Potter – The Door to the Chamber of Secrets



One of the most popular film franchises in the world, Harry Potter featured a very famous door in its second film. Ginny Weasley discovered the famous front door to the dark and twisted Chamber of Secrets, which unleashed a huge scandal that unfolded throughout the rest of the film.

Doctor Who – The Police Box Front Door



Doctor Who is one of the most popular British sci-fi shows on television amongst all generations, which revolves around the well-known police box. This famous front door may look like an ordinary 1960s police telephone box but acts as the iconic gateway to the many adventures that wait within the Tardis.

The Wizard of Oz – The Front Door to the Emerald City



This enchanted tale features a tall, bright green front door to the magical Emerald City. On their quest to find the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy and her friends knock on this famous bright green front door with a round circular window, only to be met by a peculiar guard. After all, there’s no place like home!

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Matilda – ‘The Chokey’ Front Door


Image Source – New Ravel


This terrifying famous front door features in the Roald Dahl classic, Matilda. Nail-infested and spooky, this front door leads to a dark, cold and claustrophobic prison used to punish misbehaved children. This front door certainly haunted our nightmares as a child!

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