Five Top Tips to Keep Your Conservatory Warm This Winter

Your conservatory can be the best room of the house in winter. You can curl up with a book, entertain friends or even work from home with a view of your garden! But often conservatories are left unused over the winter months if they are too cold. Read our top tips below to make your conservatory in Somerset a warm, cosy spot in your home.


Check for Draughts

Ensure you door has been proofed against draughts to stop those cold winds entering your home. Installing blinds or heavy curtains can also help retain heat within your conservatory.


Invest in quality glazing

Your conservatory may be losing heat if the windows are single or double glazed. Consider replacing glass with new uPVC or triple glazing to keep your conservatory insulated and warm. Notaro Windows uses the highest quality of uPVC and triple glazing in Somerset to keep your conservatory cosy throughout the cold months.

Think about Floors

Heat can easily be lost down through your flooring and no one wants to walk across a cold floor in winter! A simple solution can be layering down carpet, with insulation in the underlay to keep warmth locked inside.


Which is warmer: Orangery or Conservatory?

If you are thinking about investing in an extension on your home but are worried about the cold, consider an orangery instead of a conservatory. Orangeries have more brickwork and side elevations made from stone or uPVC, which helps to insulate the room. Take a look at the orangeries in Somerset we have installed for some inspiration!

Upgrade your Roof

A glass or uPVC roof on a conservatory lets in plenty of sunshine in summer but also loses heat in winter. If possible, consider upgrading your roof with insulation and tiles to keep your conservatory warm and toasty.

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