How Can Self-Cleaning Glass Improve My Conservatory?

Whenever you think of making new changes to your home, you often think about what the end result will look like and how it could make your life that little bit easier. At Notaro Windows, we offer self-cleaning glass on our conservatory roofs that not only look great but can save a lot of time and money. You might be wondering what the benefits of self-cleaning glass are and how it differs from the glass used in traditional double-glazed windows for example.

How does it work?

Visually, self-cleaning glass looks no different to standard glass installed in uPVC conservatories across Somerset. It can be installed just as quickly and easily and will last just as long as other types of glass. The glass is coated with a hydrophilic and photocatalytic coating. This means that once the UV rays from sunlight hit, the photocatalytic action starts breaking down the dirt that is on the surface of the window. Even better, once it starts raining, the dirt is simply washed away! Meaning you don’t need to spend hours on a ladder trying to clean your conservatory roof. This type of glass is our lowest-maintenance option and will make your self-cleaning glass conservatory is the envy of Somerset!

Benefits of Self-Clean Glass

This self-cleaning coating sounds like it might be too good to be true, but that’s not the case! The biggest benefit of self-cleaning glass in uPVC conservatories is that it lasts the entire lifetime of the window. Combine this with our 10-year guarantee and you can rest assured that your conservatory will enhance your home and make your life easier!

The next major benefit is the long-term cost saving of investing in this type of glass. Standard double glazed conservatory roofs will require regular cleaning for you to get the best views and keep your house looking great. Conservatory roofs are notoriously hard to clean, so you might end up paying someone to clean them for you. Self-cleaning glass doesn’t require regular maintenance and therefore the regular cost of cleaning is very quickly diminished.

With less cleaning, comes less detergent, which means that you are contributing more positively to the environment. Excess water use and some detergents are very damaging to wildlife, fewer cleans mean less chance of last damage. Self-cleaning glass is also clearer thanks to the sheeting effect of the coating, so you can enjoy the wildlife from your windows, even when it is raining.

The final benefit of self-cleaning glass is that you don’t have to compromise on style. As it is just the glass component that is changed, your uPVC conservatories in Somerset can still be installed in any colour or effect you wish. Whether that’s an on-trend black or traditional wood effect, you can successfully merge aesthetic and practicality into your home.

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