How to Decorate your Porch for Easter


Spring is just around the corner, so what better way to start your Spring cleaning than decorating your porch ready for Easter! Notaro Windows offer bespoke services for porches and conservatories in Somerset, and we are also on hand to help you get the most out of them. Here are some of our tips for styling your porch with an Easter-theme:


Frame your windows with flowers

Nothing screams Easter more than an array of colourful flowers decorating your windows. Yellows, pinks and purples are ideal to have around this time of year. Try hanging some flowers in baskets or pots to accentuate the Spring sun coming through your porch. Better yet, let your flowers appreciate the sunlight and plant some seeds so you can grow your own. You can even hang some LED lights around the windows if you want to stick with the Easter theme for those cooler and darker evenings. Our triple glazed windows in Somerset are the perfect solution to heat retention, so you can keep that Spring warmth in your porch all year round!

Add some patio doors

Brightening up your porch by installing some new patio doors can make a huge difference to the overall style of the room. Our bespoke services for doors in Somerset means you can tailor the design to match the style already present in your porch. Patio doors are a great way to provide easy access to your garden for those warmer days, or a bigger view for when you want to stay in the house. Either way, the increased lighting and heat retention will give you that perfect Spring feeling just in time for Easter.

DIY decorations

Get your creative juices flowing my making some home-made Easter decorations. Perfect for all the family, this is a great way for decorating that requires minimal costs which you can do from the comfort of your own home. Take an old chalkboard to create a ‘welcome’ sign to offer an extra homely feeling. Upcycle an old vase or mason jar to make an Easter egg centrepiece. Make a wreath with colourful thread to hang onto the doors to your porch. There are countless of ways to create your own stylish decorations to truly get the best out of your porches in the Springtime.

Bunting, banners and bunnies!

Bunting and banners are present almost everywhere this time of year, and Easter just wouldn’t be the same without some bunnies! Use some plain or patterned card to cut out some bunny-shaped templates, spruce them up with some Easter designs and get some colourful thread to join them together to create a banner. These bright banners are ideal for hanging across the roof or doors, and look perfect against our decorative glass windows. Our energy efficient porches and conservatories in Somerset will add extra security and extra space to your home. With the help of Notaro Windows and some bright Spring bunting, you can add that fun and fresh touch to make the porch your own.

Notaro Windows have been assisting customers for over 50 years with our bespoke services. From windows and doors to conservatories and porches in Somerset, our expert team can help to make your dream home a reality. To learn more about our services, call our specialists on 01278 662 298, or email us at

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