How To Utilise Your Conservatory Whilst Staying At Home


Make the most out of your time at home by renovating your conservatory space to give it a completely different look. From a playroom to an indoor garden, add something new and exciting into your daily routine with Notaro Windows. Here are 4 home improvement tips to revamp your conservatory:


Thankfully, summer is just around the corner, so what better time to transform your conservatory space into a sunroom? Bask in the warmth of the heat retention windows so you can truly enjoy those summer days whilst staying inside. Bi-fold and patio doors are the perfect addition to bringing the outside in. As well as opening up the room to create some more space, bi-fold and patio doors offer quick, easy (and stylish!) access to your garden.

Add some greenery and bright flowers to compliment the natural light and, of course, some comfortable loungers so you can relax in your new space! Discover more about bi-fold and patio doors in Somerset to get started on creating a perfect indoor garden.

Open-plan living room

If you’re looking to create more space for your living area, one of our favourite home improvement tips to enhance your conservatory is to use it as an extension. Whether you want your conservatory as a stand-alone living area, or as an add-on to your existing room, this is a great way of expanding your home.

Get the most out of your new living area by adding some light coloured sofas and a wooden coffee table. The surrounding windows and doors create a comforting open space, and the light furniture will accentuate the natural sunlight to really brighten up the room with a sleek and modern look.

Break room

For those that have found themselves working from home, why not redesign your conservatory into a break room? It can be difficult to find the balance between your workspace and your space to unwind, so creating a whole room dedicated to relaxation will help to bring back that boundary of work and leisure. The best part of a break room is that you can make it completely unique to you!

Try adding a dining area complete with a coffee station for those quick 5 minute breaks, or opt for a homely seating area to enjoy the view of your garden. Immerse yourself in the serene landscapes through your patio doors to unwind for the day, or install acoustic glass to block out the noise so you can relax your mind after a hard day’s work. Choose Notaro Windows to install some acoustic glass to help you make your dream home a reality.


Utilise your conservatory by converting it into a playroom suitable for the entire family. Keep the mess and chaos out of your living room by having a dedicate play-space! Having a playroom is great for spending quality time with your family whilst creating that extra bit of space to store toys and games.

Decorate the room with some colourful artwork to add vibrancy, or try adding fairy lights to give it that cool and contemporary look. If you’re worried about any mess, have wooden floor for easier cleaning, and make it heated for that comforting feature that will keep you warm all year round. Invest in some decorative glass windows to add a creative touch that will make your new playroom one of a kind!

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