Hygge Your Conservatory For Autumn

Hygge is about life’s simple pleasures – originating from the Dane’s as they are ranked the ‘happiest people on earth’. The Danish lifestyle trend, ‘Hygge’ (pronounced ‘hue-gah’) encourages appreciation and encompasses a feeling of cosy contentment and well-being through enjoying the simple things in life.

We have a few home improvement tips on how to ‘Hygge’ your conservatory or orangery this autumn and embrace the cosy Danish concept.

1. Embrace Lighting With Candles

Soft lighting creates a tranquil setting, and candles have a large influence on the Hygge trend. Invest in candles, with a subtle aroma, that will warm the senses. Try not to mix too many scents as they may clash and interrupt the ambience.

2. Get Cosy & Warm With Soft Furnishings

UPVC Conservatories can often drop quickly in temperature, as winter approaches, so ensure you have lots of warm and soft furnishings of neutral colour to blend in with the Hygge theme. Neutral colours inject calm into the room and relax a busy mind. Make sure you have set the heating to your preferred temperature so you can focus on yourself.

3. Create Calm With Minimalistic Design

Clutter can create an unorganised and busy feeling in the room, so ensure you keep the room simple and minimalistic. To restore calm, try to prevent too many items overcrowding the conservatory, therefore making it easier to maintain.

4. Personal

A ‘Hygge’ style should be personal to you and reflect what makes you happy so display a few of your fondest photos around your conservatory, injecting appreciation for life’s simple pleasures. Position your favourite items or art work around the room to remind you of what you love in life!

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