How to Keep Your Conservatory Cool in the Summer

Having a conservatory in Somerset provides a tranquil place to relax and unwind in the summer. But our occasional hot summer days can really heat up a conservatory, soon making it uncomfortable. So how can you keep your conservatory cool during summer? We’ve put a together a list of the best ways to keep your conservatory crisp and fresh.


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1. Conservatory blinds

Having blinds installed in your conservatory will bring endless possibilities of changing the natural light. You can opt for inexpensive options, or you can consider remote controlled blinds.


2. Cooling Film

UPVC conservatories in Somerset can get fairly warm during hot summer days. Cooling film is a fantastic cost-effective option for keeping the sun and UV rays off. You can apply it yourself, but it is very tricky, so consider letting a professional do the hard work while you relax!


3. Air Conditioning Unit

Although expensive, installing an air conditioning unit is great for keeping the conservatory cool when the doors and windows are shut. Generally, the UK weather does not warrant the need for air conditioning, but it is great for families with dogs that need a cool place to stay when everyone is out.


4. Ventilation is Key

Making sure your conservatory is ventilated is crucial. Conservatories with French doors in Somerset or large sliding doors are optimal for letting fresh air in.


5. Plant a Tree

If you want to keep your conservatory cool and help the planet at the same time, consider planting a tree that will grow to block out the sun in a few years. A hybrid Poplar has an attractive oval shape and grows an average of 8 feet per year. Planting it also makes a fun DIY project for the kids.


6. Ceiling fans

Having ceiling fans installed in your conservatory in Somerset offer an affordable option to keep a cool breeze running through at the hotter times of the day.


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