Offer now ended – Notaro’s 50/50 February Offers

In line with a long tradition of providing first-products for exclusively low prices, Notaro Windows are offering all customers a a 50/50 deal on all products, starting this February.

 Our 50/50 February offer means you pay half the costs once our experts have manufactured and installed your new home improvements, and the other half 6 months down the line. There’s multiple advantages to this exclusive offer:

  • Immediate Home Improvements

Counter that unpredictable weather sooner rather than later. With turbulent winds and flooding in the surrounding areas of the South and South West, precautionary measures against unpredictable weather is always a smart move. Protect your home from draughts, leaks and cold by paying 50% of the costs for new improvements now, and 50% in 6 months time.

  • No Interest Payments

Once we’ve outlined a cost for your sharp new sliding sash windows or crisp conservatory extension, the cost will remain fixed with no added interest payments in the following 6 months. Enjoy your new home improvements without the surprise of hidden costs later.

  • No Balloon Payment

50/50 February suggests exactly that. Our prices on everything at Notaro Windows are split right down the middle, with no hefty sum added to the final payment. Come summertime and there are no surprises; enjoy the warmth of your new orangery without worry.

  • Not Subject to Status or Credit Checking

To make your installation as simple and stress-free as possible, we won’t put you through the hassle of a credit check. You don’t need to provide your history to benefit from our fantastic 50/50 February offers.

  • No Credit Agreement

Notaro Windows won’t tie you down to a credit agreement either. By streamlining the process, you receive your home improvements as soon as possible.


If you’re interested in making the most of Notaro Window’s 50/50 offer, browse our range of available windows, doors and conservatories in Somerset. Contact our team via telephone on 01278 66 22 89 or alternatively fill in the contact form.

Author: Sam Notaro