When to Replace Double Glazed Windows

Double glazed windows are now commonplace. Having a more energy efficient set of windows in a home will save on bills and decrease severe moisture damage. But how does double glazing in Somerset work? And when do double glazed windows need to be replaced?


What is double glazing?

As a material, glass is a very good conductor of heat. That means that it will easily pass heat through a pane of glass. Not ideal for those frosty nights! Double glazing, however, uses two panes of glass with an inert gas trapped between the panes.

The gas decreases the amount of heat conducted through the panes. The result is improved energy efficiency and cheaper bills. The same design applies to our triple glazing in Somerset, which uses three glass panes and two gaps filled with argon gas. They offer excellent soundproofing and are even more energy efficient than double glazed windows.


How long does double glazing last?

The lifetime of double glazing is usually around 10-20 years, depending on the quality of installation and quality of the seal. At Notaro Windows, our double glazed windows in Somerset come with a 20-year guarantee to give you peace of mind.


When do double glazed windows need to be replaced?

Like all windows, double glazed windows in Somerset can crack and chip. If this happens, it is recommended that the windows are replaced immediately. This is because the argon gas between the two glass window panes may have escaped, making the window inefficient.

Double glazing in Somerset may also need replacing due to moisture build up between the panes. A substance known as desiccate is used in the window sealant to absorb moisture. If condensation appears between the panes, it means moisture has penetrated the seal and the inert gas will have slowly been leaking.

At Notaro Windows, we take great care to ensure our double glazed windows in Somerset are made to the highest quality. We offer a choice of casement and wood effect UPVC windows, bespoke design and manufacturing at our own factory in Somerset.


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