Top 4 Window Care Tips for Winter

Winter is nearly here. As the temperatures drop, you may be concerned about how the harsh weather will affect your home. Read our expert advice on how to keep your windows in Somerset in top condition throughout the winter months.

Choose The Right Window Material for you

How much time and effort you need to give your windows depends on what kind you have. Due to their watertight installation, aluminium windows in Somerset are ideal for rainy seasons. If your home gets chilly in the winter, opt for triple glazing in Somerset to retain maximum heat.

Check Your Windows Regularly

Its easy to neglect your home’s exterior when its cold and you don’t want to go outside. But regularly checking your windows for damage is the best way to identify any gaps. Gaps between your windows, frames and doors will allow water to seep in and cause heat loss.

Clean Windows Correctly

Before you brave the cold to clean your windows, gather the right equipment. Avoid coating your windows in ice by adding a little de-icer to warm water in a spray bottle. Aim to clean when the sun isn’t shining. Sun light can hide the signs of missed streaks. Use a microfibre cloth for a perfect final polish.

Avoid Moisture

Any leaked moisture from your windows may stain the frames and window seal. If you notice any water entering your home from your windows, contact our installers at Notaro Windows to learn about some new replacement options.

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