Top Roofline Replacements To Improve Your Home

One of the most overlooked areas of home improvements is the roofline. The roofline is the area of the house which connects the walls and the roof. Despite its importance, many people do not take proper care of their roofline. Installing roofline replacements ensures that your house stays protected against the elements and keeps your roof timbers free from damp and rot. 

We install a variety of roofline replacements in Somerset, aside from the practical benefits they provide they are also very aesthetically pleasing. There are four components that make up a traditional roofline. Each of these components plays a vital role in protecting its structural integrity. At Notaro Windows, we are expert installers of uPVC conservatories and will ensure that the roofline of anything we build is of the highest quality. We always recommend checking your roofline when moving into a new property or if left unattended for some time. To give you an idea of the kind of roofline replacements in Somerset that we offer, we have compiled a useful guide. 


While not always visible, fascias play an important role in protecting the roofline of a home. Fascias are the outwards facing boards that run just underneath the roof tiles. The main purpose of fascias is to protect the end of your roof rafters from external elements like wind and rain. Cracked or damaged fascias mean that water is able to get into your roofline which leads to dampness and rot in your rafters. When installing fascia boards in Somerset, we use the highest quality materials to prevent condensation and dry rot. 


Alongside installing fascia boards in Somerset, we also recommend replacing your uPVC soffits. Soffits close the gap between the bottom of the fascias and the wall. Soffits play an important role in protecting your roof from the elements and nesting birds. They also help to ventilate inside roof spaces to prevent damp. When performing roofline repairs in Somerset, all soffits are individually made to measure in order to achieve a high-quality finish every time.   


Bargeboards work in a very similar way to fascias. The main difference is that bargeboards run up the sloping edge of a roof. This keeps the exposed ends of the roof rafters dry. For all roofline repairs in Somerset like fascias, soffits and bargeboard, Notaro Windows offer a range of sizes and colours to suit any home.  

Guttering and downpipes 

Perhaps the most important roofline replacement in Somerset that we offer is uPVC guttering and downpipes. An effective guttering system is crucial in channelling rainwater from the roof and away from the foundations of a home. Old guttering will easily break or become blocked. So, it is important that you replace defective guttering or downpipes before your home becomes damaged. At Notaro Windows, we install guttering systems for a property’s roofline and on uPVC conservatories. 


There are a number of benefits to installing uPVC cladding on the exterior of a house. Cladding is fantastic at insulating a home and preventing water leaks or damage. The uPVC cladding we install as part of our roofline replacements in Somerset comes in a variety of designs and colours.  uPVC cladding is both aesthetically pleasing and very low maintenance. 

If you are in need of any roofline repairs in Somerset, get in contact with a member of the Notaro Windows team. We have over 50 years of experience installing uPVC conservatories and roofline replacements in Somerset. To speak to us give us a call on 01278 662298 or fill out our contact form