Top Trends for External Doors

First impressions are important, so if you’re freshening up the exterior of your home, you may want to consider your front door. The entrance to your home is a large contributor to first impressions, somewhere where you’ve invested a lot of time and effort, so to ensure you don’t fall at the first hurdle, we have recommended some home improvement tips for your front door.

We have collated a list of doors on the market that are currently trending.

octagonal composite

If you’re opting for a composite door, you’re in luck, they’re highly versatile, require little maintenance and guaranteed to last. Composite consists of a wood grain exterior, therefore the appearance of a classic timber door with the performance of a modern composite.

The composite front door has a great thermal insulation rating, therefore you can enjoy lower bills and a warmer home in the winter.

You can get creative with the colour, style and shape, with a choice of positioning with window panels.


Timber Stable Doors

Stable doors have made a come back, with versatile openings, it allows you to open only top and/or bottom segment and the additional benefit of security, when visitors knock at your door. If you’re after the classic appearance of timber, but the ventilation of an additional window, it might be worth considering the timber stable doors.

Bright And Stain Glass

Make a statement with a brightly coloured door, available in both composite and timber. A statement door will add colour to the front of your home and allow you to stand out from the rest of the houses on the street. Stain glass window panels have made a return, customisable to suit your requirements, to create a light entrance and adding to the warmth of the property.

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