A home’s roofline has a large influence on its overall aesthetic, while neglect can often lead to costly damage. Fortunately, there is an effective solution that will preserve a home’s character while protecting against risks: roofline replacement. Whether it’s the guttering, fascia boards, or downpipes that need repairing, roofline replacement ensures your home looks its best all year round.

Here at Notaro Windows, we offer a range of roofline replacements and fittings that include uPVC guttering, fascia boards, and cladding. Our maintenance-free roofline replacements use durable uPVC which is available in a range of colours. This ensures your new roofline fits in seamlessly with your home’s current aesthetic.

The benefits of using Notaro Windows for roofing in Somerset include:

  • ✔ Improved aesthetic for the front and rear of your home
  • ✔ Durable uPVC material – perfect for all weather
  • ✔ Ensure your home is protected against water leakage
  • ✔ Disposal of all rubbish after installation
  • ✔ 10-year guarantee

Why choose Notaro Windows for roofline replacement?

Notaro Windows has been providing roofline replacements, fascia boards, and cladding for over 55 years. This makes us the most experienced company for roofing in Somerset, as well as the most professional in the quality of service we deliver.

Our expert team always put our customers’ needs first and offer professional guidance on the best roofline replacements for homes of all ages. With our 10-year guarantee on all replacements and repairs, there is no doubt that Notaro Windows are the best roofing company in Somerset.

Browse the gallery above to view our recent work. You can also discover the other roofline services Notaro Windows offer, including uPVC cladding and guttering installation, by calling a member of our team on 01278 662298 or filling out our contact form.