Side hinged garage doors offer a more traditional look to any Somerset home. This type of garage door is arguably the most practical for those requiring frequent access to a garage which is used for storage. If your garage has shelves, cupboards or pipeworks Notaro’s side hinged doors are perfectly matched to you. The lack of tracks and electric cables means your garage door will be virtually maintenance free.

Notaro Window’s side hinged doors give you easy access to your garage without having to raise a door panel upwards. With an array of materials to choose from including steel, timber, and timber effect and a 10 year guarantee Notaro’s is the smart choice for your new or replacement garage doors in Somerset and the South West.

Choose a style to suit your home; Notaro’s offer a wide range of traditional timber side hinged door designs as well as bespoke designs that will individualise your garage door. Our steel side hinged garage doors are purpose made and can be tailored to fit your style and size; window options are also available.