Who better to install your solar panels than the certified specialists at Notaro Windows who are installing solar panels on homes throughout Somerset at a competitive rate.

At Notaro Windows we offer solar panel installations at competitive prices so please call us direct on 01278 66 22 98  if you are interested in our solar panel range. All our solar panels come with a guarantee ensuring you are given the best service and after-sales care for your purchase.

Benefits of solar panels:

  • ✔ Clean, free and safe energy
  • ✔ Electricity during all weather, even on cloudy days
  • ✔ Environmentally friendly form of energy
  • ✔ Reduce current energy bills
  • ✔ A guaranteed government backed return when you invest in solar panels

The Feed-In Tariff is part of the government policy – the Renewable Energy Strategy – whereby 30% of electricity is aimed to be produced from renewable sources by 2020. You can become more energy self-sufficient and even sell back energy you don’t use to the grid! Find out more from the Energy Saving Trust.

Solar panels require little or no maintenance, this combined with their environmentally friendly status makes them a great choice for generating energy for your home.

Get in touch today to get your special Notaro Windows rate and earn money whilst keeping yourself warm this winter!