Whatever style of window you are looking for Notaro Windows will help you find the perfect glass to fit. We offer a wide range of window glass options made in our Taunton factory for all our windows and doors.

double GLAZING

Choose Notaro Windows if you are looking for double glazing in Somerset to improve your home’s security, increase energy efficiency and cut fuel costs. We have over 50 years’ experience and an enviable reputation for providing the highest quality double glazed windows in Somerset at great value.

From standard double glazed windows, to double glazed sash windows and PVCu double glazing, we can fit entirely new windows or replace the glass in its existing frames. We only use the highest quality PVCu or aluminium materials in all of our products, which is why we’re such confident double glazing installers that every piece comes with a 20 year guarantee and the Notaro Windows price promise.

We also specialise in double glazed doors. Both our windows and doors are manufactured bespoke to your taste in our Somerset factory and then fitted with our high quality double glazing.  We are incredibly proud of providing such high levels of customer service.


For those looking to keep their home warm all year round, triple glazing is the perfect solution. Containing three panes of glass separated by small air gaps, triple glazed windows offer your home an extra layer of insulation whilst making it less susceptible to heat loss and condensation.

Leaded glass

Leaded windows, also referred to as Tudor windows, are incredibly popular for those wanting to add a traditional element to their home. The lead piping design of leaded glass windows is an aesthetic deriving from Tudor times and is perfect for providing a touch of character beyond the common uPVC design.

For lead glass windows in Somerset, call Notaro Windows on 01278 662 298 or get in touch by filling out our contact form.

Notaro Windows’ leaded windows are perfect for all homes. Each window’s lead piping is available in thicknesses between 4-12mm and is installed between the panes of double glazed glass to allow for easy cleaning. For those desiring a more authentic aesthetic, Notaro Windows also offers Tudor windows where the joints overlap the window itself. Whilst our leaded glass windows also come in a variety of colours, including black and gold, Notaro Windows give ultimate peace of mind with a 10 and 20 year guarantee on the leaded windows and their glass and glazing.

Tempered/Toughened Safety Glass

At Notaro Windows we offer toughened safety glass for any full height windows that we install and any windows that will be installed close to the floor. This is for safety and security as toughened safety glass has a much lower risk of shattering; should this happen the expert technology behind this causes the glass to break into lots of small fragments which are virtually harmless. We can install this on request for any windows or doors whether or not they are close to the floor or full height windows. We supply the highest standard of toughened glass in Somerset so you can be safe in the knowledge you’ve chosen the best window glass option.

Acoustic Glass

To block out the noise, or keep the noise in, our ‘silent glass’ is the best option for you. By both retaining heat and soundproofing your home our Somerset acoustic glass is a popular option. This is ideal for anyone living in a noisy area or for those who like their home to be a peaceful retreat! Acoustic glass is perfect for your conservatory PVCu casement windows, allowing you to enjoy the Somerset views of minus the noise.

Heat-Retaining Glass

To ensure your home is as energy efficient as it can be we have a fantastic window glass option made local in Taunton: heat-retaining glass, which contains Argon gas between the sealed panes of glass. This enables even more heat to be stored and kept in the house, which means low emissions for your house and a reduction in your heating bills. You can choose between double or triple glazing.

Decorative Glass

Decorative glass is a great window glass option if you want to add a creative touch to your home or continue with a pattern or theme that is apparent throughout your property. We offer a range of decorative glass in a variety of colours and patterns. Decorative glass looks particularly fetching on your front door.

Obscure Glass

Obscure glass gives you a little more privacy than standard glass. Our obscure glass comes in a range of patterns, preventing passers-by from being able to see into your home, whilst still letting in an ample amount of sunlight. With our Taunton-made windows you can increase your privacy without not sacrificing style.

Self-Cleaning Glass

Want to be the envy of all your neighbours in Somerset with self-cleaning glass? This is Notaro Windows’ lowest maintenance window glass option available. Our self-cleaning glass is engineered with a special outer coating that reacts with the sunlight to break down dirt. When it rains the water is spread across our self-cleaning glass, washes all the dirt and residue away and leaves nary a droplet or mark on your Somerset windows – bliss!

Anti-Reflective Glass

Notaro Windows’ manufactured anti-reflective glass is specifically designed to reflect a very low percentage of light and still allow for clear transparent appearance. Its manufacturing process means that naturally these types of glass sheets are more durable so you also get a longer-lasting, tougher window as a positive extra.

If you would like to find out more about Notaro Windows’ glass options, give us a call on 01278 662 298 or fill in our contact form. All the window glass options listed are made in our Taunton factory so you can choose the perfect windows for your Somerset home.