Which Conservatory Roof Is Best?


When it comes to choosing the best conservatory roof for your conservatory, there is a wide variety of materials and styles to choose from. Not only do you have to decide on the shape of the roof, but the material of the roof will have a huge impact on the thermals and lighting in the conservatory. The question is then, what is the best conservatory roof for you? As experts in conservatories in Somerset, we’ve compiled the following information to help you choose the best conservatory roof. 

Conservatory Roof Styles

Before you decide what material you will use for your conservatory roof, you must decide what is going to be the best conservatory roof design for your house and conservatory style. One of the most popular designs is the Victorian style. This normally comes with hexagonal or pentagonal bay windows and a pointed roof and is suitable for both traditional and modern properties.  

For a simpler look, you could go for the Lean-To style conservatory roof which is usually a square or rectangular shape. The roof is flat and slants out from the side of the house. Lean-To roofs are the cheapest and easiest roofs to install.  

Finally, there is the Edwardian-style conservatory roof which falls somewhere between a Lean-To and a Victorian-style roof. An Edwardian conservatory roof is traditionally a square or rectangle-shaped extension with a pointed roof and its height can be adjusted to suit the aesthetic of the building. 

Glass Conservatory Roofs 

The most common material for conservatories in Somerset is glass, but there is lots of variety when it comes to which type of glass you can use. Glass roofs are great for letting lots of light into your conservatory.  If you are looking for the best glass for a conservatory roof, then there are a few types to consider.  

Self-cleaning glass reacts with the sun to break down dirt on your roof and makes maintenance a lot easier. For south-facing conservatories that get a lot of light, Low-E glass is ideal. This is because it deflects up to 80% of the suns heat while also stopping heat from escaping, meaning that your conservatory stays cool in summer and retains heat in winter. Low-E glass gives the best insulation for conservatory roofs out of any glass panel. 

Solid Tiled Conservatory Roofs 

If you want the roof of your conservatory to be more in keeping with the aesthetic of your house, then solid tiles are the best conservatory roof to choose. Solid tiled roofs also offer the best insulation for conservatory roofs and have a variety of tile colours and materials to choose from. Tiled roofs create a versatile space that is comfortable all year round. 

Hybrid Conservatory Roofs 

Hybrid roofs are the best conservatory roof if you like the idea of a tiled roof but still want plenty of light to come through. Hybrid conservatory roofs provide a very clean and contemporary aesthetic from the outside while also providing lots of natural light on the inside. Because of this, they are the most expensive type of conservatory roof. 

Polycarbonate Conservatory Roofs 

If you are looking for the most affordable option, then the best conservatory roof for you will be a polycarbonate roof. You can choose to either have a fully transparent or opaque finish depending on how much light you want to let into your conservatory.  

We hope that this has helped you to find which conservatory roof is best for your conservatory. If you are looking for a bespoke conservatory or even a conservatory roof replacement then get in touch with us at Notaro Windows.  

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