Which Door Material Is Best?


Are you on the hunt for a new front door that is made to last? At Notaro Windows, we produce a range of high quality front doors in Somerset using a range of different materials to suit our customers’ tastes. If you are wondering which door material is best, we can advise the best one for you depending on your preferences. All our front doors have their own unique benefits, so you are guaranteed to find a practical solution.

uPVC Front Doors

uPVC doors in Somerset are a great, modern alternative to more traditional materials. uPVC is a fantastic choice due to its durability and minimal maintenance. A uPVC front door will look brand new for many years to come as they are resistant to weathering. This means they do not require regular re-painting and varnishing. uPVC is a great insulator and low heat conductor, meaning heat loss is reduced and cold air from the outside cannot get in. As well as this, uPVC doors are very customisable, with an array of colour options available to create your dream front door.

Our uPVC doors in Somerset are also manufactured to be highly secure due to the installation of a 10 point locking system with three security hinges.

Composite Front Doors

If you are looking for a wood-effect door that has character with a modern twist, a composite door is the choice for you. Our composite doors in Somerset are made of 48mm thick strong timber, which provides a heat insulation and thermal efficiency. The high quality, solid timber also ensures that your front door is built to last, so you can guarantee that your home will be protected from heat loss and look great for years to come.

Composite material gives the impression of a distinctive, characterful wooden door but without the regular upkeep. So, if you love the look of a wooden door, you don’t have to compromise!

Glass Front Doors

A glass front door can add beautiful aesthetic appeal to the front of your home, especially with decorative or stained glass. At our front doors company in Somerset, we use a range of glass types to create your very own bespoke front door. Glass front doors also allow lots of natural light to enter your home and lets you see outside your house, should anyone arrive. Glass is easy to clean, so your front door will continue to look sparkling new.

To learn more about which door material is best for you and to enquire about a new, handmade front door in Somerset, get in touch. Simply call 01278 662 298 to discuss your requirements!