Why You Should Invest in Double Glazed Windows for Winter

As we enter the winter season, the months are colder and the days are shorter. With more people staying home than usual due to the latest government regulations, it’s important that homes are a warm and comfortable environment to be in. Most new-built homes come with double glazed windows as a standard but there are still a high proportion of homes which still have traditional single glazed windows. Investing in double glazing windows for winter is important for long term usability and one of the must have home improvements for winter.

If you want to invest in double glazed windows for your home, Notaro Windows provide high-quality double glazed windows in Somerset. Discover the main advantages of double glazed windows for winter, and why they are superior to single glazed windows below.


One of the main advantages of double glazed windows for winter is the higher levels of insulation they provide. Due to their design and extra layers, double glazed windows are made to minimise heat loss in homes. They can also help trap natural heat and use this to maintain the circulation of heat in households.


Double glazed windows are a worthwhile investment which saves people money over time. If less energy is required to heat up a room, then more money can be saved on energy bills. Especially with the unpredictable weather we experience in the UK, double glazing is a practical solution.

With people at home more now than ever, insufficient insulation will mean more hours with the heating on than usual. There’s no harm in topping up the clothing layers to reduce the need for heating but for those working from home during this time, proper insulation will lessen the energy costs.

Added property value

Another one of the cost-saving advantages of double glazed windows for winter is the potential for property value increase. Double glazing can increase property value because it is appealing to those in search of a new household. It is also considered a prime amenity and the cost savings go beyond installation and energy savings.

Added Security

Double glazing provides more safety for your home as the windows are more durable and harder to break. This means your belongings have another level of protection and are less likely to be a target to burglars. Because double glazing is more durable and stronger than single, security is increased in these windows for winter.

Why are double glazed windows better than single glazed?

Double glazed windows have been developed to provide more insulation than regular traditional windows. They create double the insulation than a single glazed glass pane. This is because warm air hitting a single pane of glass is easily drawn outside to colder air. In contrast, double glazing has two panes which are separated by a spacer bar. The small air gap created between the two panes acts as an insulation break between the air from either side.

For those who have single glazed windows, heating bills are higher than for double glazing. This is because more warm air escapes than is stored. In contrast, double glazing is energy efficient. Not only will investing in double glazing decrease the energy costs, but also keep the inside of a household warmer due to better insulation.

Hopefully, after reading this blog, you now feel more informed to invest in double glazed windows for winter.

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