A Guide To Glass – Choosing the Perfect Option For Your Home

Luckily it seems the worst of the bad weather is behind us, and summer is growing ever nearer. The variety of glass available today is greater than ever; not only created to retain heat but also to improve sound-proofing, home security and the overall aesthetics of your house. When choosing new glass for your home’s windows it is in no way an easy task, especially as it is often a real investment, so here is some extra information to help you find the perfect glass to meet your needs.

Tempered Glass

Tempered, or toughened glass as its often called, is generally used for those windows most exposed or at risk, however some people do choose to use it throughout the house. This glass is not only considerably more difficult to break, but is also designed specifically so, if any breakages do occur, the glass will shatter into much smaller fragments that are virtually harmless.

Acoustic Glass

Acoustic glass is designed not only to keep noise out, but also to keep noise in. For homes in particularly busy neighbourhoods or for large areas of glass, such as conservatories, acoustic glass is very popular as it both retains heat and keeps out sound very effectively.

Heat Retaining Glass

Heat retaining glass is designed specifically to improve your homes efficiency as it conserves heat considerably more than other types of glass. Additionally, all of Notaro’s sealed units contain argon gas, which helps the window retain even more heat. If reducing your energy bills or watching your carbon footprint are your home’s priorities then this glass is definitely worth the investment.

Decorative Glass

Decorative glass is the perfect choice if your home is in need of another element of creativity. With such a wide range of decorative glass available in a variety of colours and patterns, there will always be the glass to suit your style or continue a significant theme in your home.

Obscure Glass

Obscure glass is designed to give you more privacy than standard glass, without having to sacrifice on natural sunlight. There is a variety of patterns available that are created specifically to prevent people from being able to see into your home, meaning you can increase privacy without skipping on style.

Self Cleaning Glass

The most low maintenance option available, this intelligent glass has been engineered with a special outer coating that works with the raindrops and sunlight to break down dirt. Self cleaning glass is the perfect option for windows in hard to reach places or for properties that are often left unattended for long periods of time.

Anti Reflective Glass

Particularly popular in conservatories or for south-facing windows, anti-glare glass has been created to reflect a small percentage of the sun’s glare, ensuring you can still enjoy the sunshine, without the discomfort of too much glare.

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