A patio can really add character and style to a garden area, providing you with an area in which you can sit, relax and let the small ones play. At Notaro Windows we create bespoke garden patios in Somerset so that our customers get exactly what they want.

For more information on our patios in Somerset, call Notaro Windows on 01278 662 298, or send us an email at sales@notarowindows.com.

Our expert advisers will consider a range of factors such as identifying the sunny spots for your patio, drainage, and access to your home. They will also keep you filled in and discuss your design options with you.

We offer a range of garden patio ideas and designs so you can be sure to find the style that suits your taste and fits in your home. We create patios using different materials including granite, brick and sandstone. If you have a particular material you would like your patio in Somerset to be created with, then contact us and we’ll see if we can source the material for you and help create your perfect garden patio.

Our patios come in a range of different colours and textures such as large, smooth grey paving slabs to small, rough orange-brown bricks. All of our patios are made with the highest quality products ensuring your patio is protected for years to come, whilst offering you a timeless design at the same time.

The benefits of choosing Notaro Windows’ garden patios in Somerset:

  • ✔ Bespoke and tailored to your requirements
  • ✔ Range of styles and variants
  • ✔ Strong
  • ✔ Choice of materials
  • ✔ Notaro Windows Promise