Notaro Windows is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of aluminium windows in Somerset.  One of our most popular types of windows, aluminium windows are used in homes up and down the country. This is due to their aesthetic appeal and a  host of practical reasons, such as strength and robustness.

Why choose Notaro Windows?

As professional aluminium window manufacturers, we’re able to design, craft and fit your new aluminium windows bespoke to your home’s measurements. For new build properties or renovation and refurbishment projects, aluminium windows are guaranteed to provide your home with a touch of quality.

Why choose aluminium windows?

When considering aluminium windows as a home improvement, choose from a wide range of colours including black, white and timber effect and styles such as casement or sliding sash windows. We offer double glazed aluminium windows to enhance energy efficiency and stop noise pollution. We’re so confident about the quality of our aluminium windows that we provide a 10-year guarantee as testament.

There are many reasons to choose aluminium windows for your home, including:

  • ✔ Maintenance free
  • ✔ Secure and non-flammable
  • ✔ Environmentally friendly and fully recyclable
  • ✔ Retains and insulates heat
  • ✔ Reduces noise
  • ✔ Watertight
  • ✔ Slimmer than usual uPVC windows for maximum light
  • ✔ Not damaged by UV rays or moisture
  • ✔ Do not rust or rot and maintains robustness

For more evidence of our high quality aluminium windows in Somerset, please browse the gallery above. Alternatively, you can get in touch with the Notaro Windows team on 01278 662298 or via our contact form.