French or Lift & Slide Patio Doors: Which Should You Choose?

Aluminium sliding patio door half open with modern aesthetic

Patio doors are a great way to let lots of light and air into your home, while remaining safe and secure.

At Notaro Windows, we’re experts in installing high quality patio doors in Somerset and the surrounding areas. We know that having the right type of patio door can make a huge difference in how your home looks and feels.

At Notaro, we offer two different, very popular, patio door types: French Patio Doors, and Lift and Slide Patio Doors. But which type should you choose, and which would be best for your home?

In this blog, we’ll explain some of the key differences between French patio doors and aluminium sliding patio doors, and help answer those questions!


The amount of space you have available to install new patio doors in your Somerset home can be a key factor in deciding which type of door will suit you best.

French patio doors are characterised by having two doors that open outward on hinges from the middle. Therefore, they do require you to have some extra room within your outside space to be able to open the doors outwards into the garden. If you have limited outdoor space, this may not be for you.

Lift and slide patio doors, by contrast, are made up of two panes located side by side, one of which can then be slid along tracking so the two panes now lie one in front of the other. This means that, if space in your home is limited, lift and slide patio doors may be the best option.

Brown French patio doors with gold handles leading from conservatory to gassy garden


As with any home improvement project, cost is a major factor to consider. Due to the cost of materials needed and installation  time, oftentimes aluminium sliding patio doors are a bit more expensive than French patio doors.

Of course, this all depends on the style and size of the patio door project, not to mention the patio doors company in Somerset that you work with.

Energy Efficiency

With the cost of living in the UK as it is, and with autumn and winter not far away, considering the energy efficiency of your home improvements is really important.

The energy efficiency of your patio doors in Somerset can differ depending on the type, and how well they are installed!

Generally, lift and slide patio doors are better for keeping in heat compared to French doors. However, double glazing for either type of patio doors can help with this.

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