How to Soundproof Your Home with Windows & Doors


Does outdoor noise seem loud, even inside your home? It could be that your home is not effectively soundproofed. Soundproofing is ideal for making your home more comfortable with added privacy. It is also important to consider the soundproofing quality of your home if you are putting it on the market. The good news is, there are simple ways to improve soundproofing with windows and doors. From installing double glazing to a new front door, here are our top tips for soundproofing your home.

Upgrade from single to double glazing

Not only can double glazing improve insulation in your home, it is a great way to stop noise from outside coming in. This can include anything from reducing road noise, railway noise – and even noisy neighbours! By upgrading from single to double glazing, you could reduce outdoor noise by as much as 20%. This is due to its thickness and space between each pane of glass. Our double glazing in Somerset caters to a range of windows, from sash to PCVu.

Go the extra mile with triple glazing

Triple glazing is the ideal solution for significant noise proofing qualities and increased insulation benefits. Double glazing uses two layers of glass, whereas triple glazing combines three layers to stop noise pollution. Triple glazing in Somerset is also a great option for adding extra security to your home as the added pane reduces the risk of breakage.

Choose a composite door

If soundproofing is your top priority, a composite front door is a great for limiting noise. This is because composite doors are made from thick, durable solid timber that effectively blocks out sound. We stock composite doors in Somerset in various styles to suit your personal taste.

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