How to protect your guttering from damage

Gutters help prevent damage to your walls, facias and soffits. They allow rain water to flow out from your home. Otherwise excessive water can dispense throughout your property and cause expensive problems! Blocked or damaged guttering can cause damp, leaks and even a flooded basement! Read more to learn how you can keep your roofline in Somerset smoothly functioning for years to come.

guttering in somersetClean your gutters regularly

The best way to keep your gutters flowing nicely is to clean them out regularly. We recommend clearing guttering about two to six times per year, depending on how many leafy trees you have nearby. Adding a gutter guard or leaf strainer is also a handy way to keep leaves from blocking the system.

Keep your roof maintained

A stable, secure roof is essential to keep water from entering your home. Any damage or erosion to your roof can cause long-term and expensive issues in future. Most roofs only have a 20-30-year shelf-life before needing some repair or replacement. Regularly inspect your roof for any damage to shingles. Repairing a few shingles damaged by rain or storms will extend the life of your roof.  If you are looking for repairs to your roofing in Somerset, contact our experts at Notaro Windows.

roofing in somerset

Securely seal your gutters

A common gutter problem is the metal connections between gutter sections corroding due to water damage. This damage may lead to holes and leaks over time. Adding a sealant is an excellent solution to prevent this issue.  Regularly check the sealant on your double glazing windows in Somerset to also important to stop water entering your home.

Replacing your guttering 

Despite your best efforts, you may find your guttering sagging, rusting or wearing away. If the damage is bad, we suggest that you replace your gutting system with a new one before any further damage is caused.

If you are looking for more ways to protect your home from water damage, take a look at our UPVC cladding in Somerset. Speak to a member of our friendly team at Notaro Windows today on 01278 662 298 or fill out our online contact form and we will call you back.