Top 5 Exterior Home Design Trends for 2024

PVCu front door set against a traditional brick wall.

New year, new exterior home design for your house or living space! That’s the saying, right? Well, if not, it definitely should be.  

As we step into 2024, it’s time to embrace the latest trends that are transforming our homes from the outside in. Our experts here at Notaro Windows have put together their favourite styles that are sure to inspire your next external home improvement project. 

1. Inspired by Nature 

Nature is calling in 2024, and it’s coming straight from your doorstep. One of the most charming trends we’re seeing is the rise of wood-effect PVCu windows and doors. 

Gone are the days of choosing between the beauty of wood and the durability of PVCu. With wood-effect PVCu windows and doors, it’s possible to have the best of both worlds. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, they’re also a practical choice for any external home improvements in Somerset and beyond. They bring a touch of the outdoors to your home’s façade, blending modern technology with classic, rustic charm. 

2. Outdoor Living 

The importance of outdoor living spaces can’t be overstated. In 2024, expect to see a rise in patios in Somerset that go beyond the usual design. Think comfortable seating, fire pits, pizza ovens, and plenty of outdoor entertainment in the form of space for games and conversation. Whether you’re looking for a space to relax or host visitors, incorporating a carefully considered patio into your exterior home design is a trend that’s here to stay. 

3. Bold Door Design 

First impressions matter, and in 2024, homeowners are making bold statements with colourful PVCu front doors. Adding a splash of colour to your entrance is a simple yet effective way to boost your home’s appeal from the moment visitors approach, while your colour scheme can then be carried indoors for a sense of continuity. At Notaro Windows, we provide a variety of PVCu coloured doors in a wide choice of styles, ensuring that your home will stand out in the neighbourhood. 

4. Sustainability & Energy Efficiency 

With an increasing focus on sustainability, 2024 is likely to see a rise in energy-efficient exterior home designs. PVCu windows and doors offer a great way of boosting efficiency, providing excellent insulation to reduce energy costs and minimise the effect on the environment. Combine this with the wood-effect PVCu window and PVCu coloured door trends mentioned above for maximum impact. 

5. Mixing Design Styles 

Gone are the days of sticking to just one exterior home design style. In 2024, mixing and matching contrasting textures and colours is in vogue. For instance, consider combining colourful PVCu doors with more traditional architectural features for a look that’s uniquely yours. It’s all about personal expression and creating a home that stands out for its individuality.   

What do you think of these exterior home design trends for 2024? If any catch your eye, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can begin planning out your new outdoor living space. From wood-effect PVCu windows to modern conservatories and patios in Somerset, our team is on hand to make 2024 the year your outdoor space becomes its own! Just call Notaro Windows on 01278 662298.