How To Upcycle Your Old Front Door In Somerset

Once you have bought your shiny new front door in Somerset, what do you do with your old one? Save yourself a trip to the dump and recycle your door into something new. We list our favourite ways to transform your old front door.

Source: Country Living


Front doors in Somerset can be revamped into many different new forms of furniture. Renovate your pre-loved door into a coffee table, chair, bookshelf – the opportunities are endless! We love upcycling a front door into a hallway bench, complete with coat hooks and drawers for extra storage.

pin board

Keep all your notes, memos and to-do lists easily insight with a new pin board. Cover your front door panels with fabric to pin to the board or paint with chalk board paint to write and erase as you wish.

garden gate

Is your garden in need of a re-fresh? Why not decorate your front door and re-purpose it as a new garden gate? If you are repainting, be sure to treat the door with exterior paint and wood care to prevent damage from weathering. Whilst fixing up your garden, why not invest in a new back door in Somerset and improve the whole garden aesthetic.

office desk

If your front door has a flat surface, it can be easily converted into a new office desk. Add your own custom legs or attach it to the wall for a modern, floating effect.


Due to the sturdy frame and typical panelling décor, old front doors can make an excellent headboard. Simply turn the door on its horizontal side and voila! Your old door is now your new, vintage style bed board.

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