What is the Best Type of Roof for a Conservatory?

Home conservatory in Somerset with glass doors, windows and roof

So, you’ve made the decision to have a conservatory in your Somerset home. Now comes the difficult part: deciding on your design.

There are plenty of elements to consider when thinking about your Somerset conservatory design, from the interior layout, size, doors, walls, and your roof. But what is the best type of roof for a conservatory design? The options to choose from are plentiful, each one with their own strengths and aesthetic vibe. We’ve broken down some of the most popular choices below with examples to help you decide which roof type is best for your new conservatory design.

1.       Victorian

Notaro workers building a Victorian-style conservatory in Somerset

Best suited to more traditional properties and with a very distinctive style, the Victorian conservatory roof design includes a curved shape for the roof, with triangular panels that reach an apex point at the top of the conservatory.

The Victorian conservatory design can be described as quaint, and creates the effect of emerging out into garden space.

2.       Edwardian

Interior of an Edwardian style conservatory roof

The Edwardian style of conservatory features three sections that slope upwards from the outer edge and meet at the centre ridge. This is another more traditional style of conservatory design, and blends more easily into the style of the house itself than other variations. This is also an attractive option for those looking for a taller uPVC conservatory in Somerset, as the height can be extended by altering the angle of the sections.

3.       Lean-To

Lean-to conservatory and outside yard of a home in Somerset

Lean-to conservatories are a simple design, but can make a big impact. The roof design is slanted and only at one angle, leaning up against the exterior of the home, giving it its name. These are very simple structures, and are often the most cost-effective option. They are also incredibly easy to install and modify if needed. If you’re wondering what the best type of roof for a conservatory is if you have a limited budget, a lean-to may be your best option.

4.       Double Hip

Conservatory on the back of a house in Somerset with white windows and black decking in the garden

The double-hip roof in Somerset conservatory design is an option best for those who are not interested in having their conservatory necessarily blend into the exterior of the home. It contains four sloped facets that meet in the middle, with an almost peaked roof shape. Materials for the roof can be varied, and even include more than one. For example, you may have a combination of tile and glass, just tile, or just glass.

5.       Gable

Interior of conservatory in Somerset looking out to garden

The gabled conservatory roof makes a true statement, and is best for those looking for a bit of drama in their design. It creates an impression of height, with two sloped side panels and a front triangle facet that creates a focal point, which is often decorated in the owner’s style. It draws the eye upwards and adds a little something extra to your conservatory design.

Whatever style of conservatory you’re looking for, the best type of room for a conservatory depends on your style, taste, budget, and more. You can also find out the best ways to maximise use of your conservatory all year round in our other blog.  For more information about our bespoke uPVC conservatories in Somerset and advice on your conservatory design – or to get a quote – contact us today. Just call Notaro Windows on 01278 662298.