What’s The Difference Between Double And Triple Glazing?

Scandinavian countries have been singing the praises of triple glazed windows for years. Now more and more people in the UK are experiencing the benefits of triple glazed windows. Here windows and doors company in Somerset, Notaro Windows, explains the difference between double glazed and triple glazed windows.

Triple Glazing Construction

Double glazing has two panes with either air or an insulating gas, such as argon, in between. The most notable difference between double glazing and triple glazing is the number of panes. Double glazing only has two panes of glass but triple glazing is composed of three.

less heat loss

Is triple glazing worth the additional cost? Triple glazing in Somerset can cost between 20% to 40% more than double glazing. However, the increased insulation and heat resistance from triple glazed windows can help reduce your energy bills. Triple glazing can save you up to 15% of your energy bills in comparison to double, which will only save you 10%. Triple glazing will also help your home feel warmer and more comfortable in colder, winter months.

Less condensation

Condensation is formed when the window surface is cooler than its surrounding air. The warmer a window surface, the less chance of condensation. Triple glazing has additional glass and one more air chamber than double glazing. This keeps the inner pane temperature higher than double glazed windows. This also reduces the chance of a gas chamber leaking, which may cause condensation within the panes.

more secure

Both triple and double glazing windows in Somerset are safer than single pane windows. However, the additional pane in triple glazing makes the windows a lot harder to break and reduces the chance of invasion. Triple glazed windows are also tempered, which increase its strength for a long-lasting durability.

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